Kitchen Cleaning

What health inspectors and fire marshals hate most is a greasy exhaust system.  

Second is a dirty kitchen.

Soiled grease traps. Messy floors. Caked-on grime. Clogged burners. Overflowing garbage bins. Leaky refrigerators. 

And that’s not all … but you know the list. Sometimes, given all you have to do, it just gets ahead of you.

This is the moment you call HSI.

Squeaky Clean, Ceiling to Floor

Obviously, your kitchen staff cleans up after each service. Or, hey, they’re supposed to. But when the time comes to deep clean, you need professionals.

  • Professionals who will work and finish before you open in the morning, or start right after you close at night.
  • Professionals who will get the entire job done thoroughly and quickly, and have your kitchen ready for the most persnickety inspector.
  • Professionals who will charge a fair price … and who will tell you beforehand to the penny what that price will be.

That’s HSI. You just can’t beat 22 years of successful, hands-on experience.

Call HSI at 602-569-2100 to schedule your visit.

You’ll be under no obligation at all.   

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How dirty is your kitchen? Doesn’t matter … by the time HSI is done cleaning it, it looks like this …

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