Exhaust Cleaning

Regular exhaust cleaning keeps your restaurant compliant with insurance regulations.

This means discounts.
It also means that if you don’t comply, insurance may not pay out when you need it.

(Extra benefit: it keeps greasy crud from falling into your customers’ food prep.)

Don’t Waste Time. Or Money.

Trouble is, hood cleaning takes time. For most cleaning crews, 6 to 8 hours.
If yours is a 24-hour operation, that means your line is down. Or, in a regular operation, somebody is working at night.

Either way, you’re bleeding money. Downtime and labor costs are the biggest profit killers at any restaurant.

Three Ways HSI Helps You Save and Score

HSI has been in the restaurant business 22 years and more. So we seriously understand management stress from your perspective.

As a result we developed a streamlined process; one that guarantees high quality work finished in under four hours.

That’s half the time of other cleaning crews. With work that’s as good as the best of them, and better.

  1. Now your kitchen is open again in less time.
  2. You’re back serving customers faster.
  3. You’re not losing money, you’re making it.

 With our proven system … state-of-the-art commercial cleaning equipment … higher cleaning temps and highly trained service people … we can guarantee your exhaust system will pass every health and fire inspection.

If it doesn’t, call us back for free.

Bonus: We Work Nights. No Extra Charge

Sometimes it’s just too hard to find time in the day for a thorough cleaning without damaging your cash flow.
No worries. HSI works nights.

When you open tomorrow, those hoods and ducts will sparkle like new.

Make HSI your #1 choice for superior exhaust cleaning all through the Valley. And beyond.

Call HSI for 602-569-2100 for an exact quote.

You’ll be under no obligation at all.  

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A greasy fusible link could more likely advance a fire than prevent it.

HSI’s process gets to work promptly and thoroughly …

… to keep exhausts and links clean and safe. 

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