A Virginia restaurant looked like this after a kitchen fire and the water that put it out. Nobody wants this, but if it happens, call HSI to get restoration started right away …  

… so your kitchen is up and running again, good as new, as quickly as possible.


Disaster Restoration


Please don’t waste a minute. Call HSI immediately at 602-569-2100.

We’ll Knock Ourselves Out to Get You Back in Business

Our Rapid Response Team will be at your door in a flash.

We know what’s at stake.

We’ll get things moving without delay … limit additional damage … and reduce your expense.

For Fire Damage:
  • First thing, we’ll cover damaged roofs; board up broken windows; take care of fire, smoke, and soot damage.
  • Then we remove the burn stink of smoke and ashy water …
 For Water Damage:
  • We soak up all water and thoroughly dry your restaurant. Waterlogged and now-useless items will be replaced.
  • We treat and eliminate mold. Replace soggy wallboard.
For Equipment:
  • Working with Insurance, we’ll clean, fix or replace every piece of damaged equipment, every burner, every sink, every table, every chair.
  • We’ll make sure your business is cleaned up, repaired, repainted, good as new.
  • We’ll clean every restorable items to its condition before the fire.

Whether this involves relatively minor work like painting, or replacing drywall and carpet … or fairly substantial reconstructive work … doesn’t matter.

The place you get back will be like new. Promise.

Call HSI at 602-569-2100 when you need us.

We’ll be there.    

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