Restaurant carpets must have regular cleaning. Dirt, mud, grease, food scraps all get trampled in, and surface cleaning isn’t enough. See the difference HSI’s deep cleaning makes.  


Carpet Cleaning

Arizona is hard on carpet – fine dust grinds into them all day. They scuff, under tables. They fade. Traffic tracks become visible. Food spills. And syrup!!

Plus all the usual nasties that carpets naturally gather:  skin flakes … microbes … bacteria … mold …

Airborne grease slowly coats everything in a fine layer of oil, which attracts and holds all that filth. 

Soon … not only do they look less than picture perfect; they’re moving into Health Hazard territory.

So, When Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned? 

Take a look at them now.

Do they “look” dirty?

Then you’ve already waited too long. But even if they look fine, you’ll still want to set up a regular cleaning schedule:

  • Heavy traffic, long hours … clean every month
  • Medium traffic, clean every six weeks. (Most restaurants choose this anyway, as a good compromise.)
  • Light traffic, clean every three months

Do it now: Call HSI at 602-569-2100

 When “Saving Money” Really Isn’t

We know your cleaning budget is tight – but customers appreciate a clean, fresh look. It’s an important thing that keeps them coming back.

There’s a saying in the food industry: “People eat with their eyes.”

That said, be careful which cleaning crew you hire.

A too-cheap job will likely leave a residue that quickly re-attracts all those gross things you just cleaned out … you’re forced to clean again sooner …

… and now you’re out more money than you saved.

Do it right first time: call HSI – the professionals with the 22-year track record of great work and happy customers. 

 What Else Makes Us Great? 
  • Many carpet cleaners still use harsh chemicals. HSI uses only the environmentally friendly kind.
  • Most carpet cleaners use water at about 170o HSI uses 230 degree steam to sterilize deep down … kill microbes and germs … and return your restaurant to a healthy, safer environment.
  • HSI is one of the few carpet cleaners with advanced certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

Long story short: We know exactly what we’re doing. We can do it for you. Quick. Efficient. Low cost. And perfect.

Call HSI at 602-569-2100, or get a free exact price quote online.

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