This is where you watch TV. Read your books and magazines. Play your games. Sit with your friends. This is what gradually fills up with dust mites, skin flakes, body oils, coffee spills, pet fur, cat dander, heaven knows what. The difference between dirty and clean is obvious here. Time to call HSI.


Upholstery Cleaning

You probably don’t actually need new furniture. Unless you’re redecorating, of course … but not just because your favorite couch has acquired that old-fabric, slightly-soiled look.

Because you can fix that, easy.

The same stuff that’s been working on your carpets also makes your furniture look old: grime … fine ground-in dust … mites and skin flakes … but also something you don’t usually find in carpets – body oils.

Not pretty. And none too healthy.

But as we said, easily fixed with a single call to HSI at 602-569-2100.

What makes HSI different:

Most upholstery cleaners use water at about 170oF – hot, but not hot enough.  HSI uses 230 degree steam to force out unsavory dirt and oils … kill mites and tiny life forms … and return you to a healthy and safer environment.

It may cost a few pennies more than the slap-dash guys out there, but because our cleaning products, systems and personnel are first grade, the clean lasts longer.

So actually, you save money. In two ways. One, by not cleaning so often. Two, by not buying the new furniture you no longer need.

Can’t beat that.

Call HSI at 602-569-2100, or get a free exact price quote online

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