Disaster Restoration


It’s all a horrible mess.

We don’t need to describe it. You already know.

The smells

… wet ash … mold … soggy drywall … steam … burned wood …

And the heartbreak.

Please don’t waste a minute. Call us immediately at 602-569-2100.

We’ll Work Hard and Fast to Get You Back to Normal

Our Rapid Response Team will be at your door with all deliberate speed.

We’ll get things moving without delay … limit additional damage … and lessen your cost.

For Fire Damage:
  • We’ll cover damaged roofs; board up broken windows; take care of fire, smoke, and soot damage.
  • Then, with cutting-edge equipment, go to work to remove odors.
For Water Damage:
  • We’ll soak up all water and thoroughly dry your home. Waterlogged and now-useless items will be replaced.
  • We’ll treat to prevent and eliminate mold.
Finally ….

We’ll clean every restorable items to its condition before the flood or fire.

This may involve relatively minor work like painting, or replacing drywall and carpet … or fairly substantial reconstructive work.

Doesn’t matter. The house you get back will be like new. Promise.

Call HSI at 602-569-2100 when you need us.

We’ll be there.    

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It’s not just fire.  Floods are much more common. A faulty washing machine hose … a leaky toilet … a sink overflow … a broken water heater pipe …

…and before you know it your entire home is flooded. Carpets and wood floors ruined, doors damaged, drywall destroyed. Take pictures, call HSI, then call your insurance agent.

HSI will have you back to normal in no time flat.

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