Besides pet accidents, it’s hard to imagine all the dirt, grime and nasties that get ground into your carpets every day … including allergens and pathogenic microorganisms.

HSI cleans with 230 degree steam to neutralize pathogens and leave your carpets bright and hygienically spotless …

… so even your youngest can play on them without a care.


Residential Carpet Cleaning

Never mind How.  Here’s WHY to clean your carpets

Health. Your carpet makes a great trap for viruses … bacteria … mold … pet dander … dust mite poop … among other nasties that actually live down there. Not to mention good old Arizona dust, and the stuff your shoes track in from outside. And where do you think pet stains go?

Invisibly, it all dries to powder and drifts upwards. You breathe it.

And your kids play down there.

Appearance. Then too, fibers get broken down by dirt particles that work like sandpaper when you walk on them, dulling the colors and shortening your carpet’s useful life.

Vacuum all you want.  Trouble is, that just picks up surface debris … it helps, but it’s not a solution.

Those are the reasons why major carpet manufacturers insist that to maintain their warranties, you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Now here’s the trick …

Most carpet cleaners use hot water at about 170oF. But that’s not good enough for us … or for you.  HSI Professional Carpet Cleaning uses 230 degree steam to sterilize fibers deep down … vacuum away unhealthy smut and grit … kill the unpleasant life forms … and return you to  a healthy and safer environment.

It’s why HSI is one of the few residential carpet cleaners with advanced certification from the Institute of Inspection. Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

Durability and Money. Extra bonus:  besides keeping colors bright and new, regular HSI Cleaning extends the life of your carpets. So you replace them less often – and save hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars in the process!

Don’t stop there. Be aware, this advice isn’t just for carpets. HSI Cleaning works perfectly on

  1. area rugs
  2. upholstered furniture
  3. mattresses

For all the same reasons.

Top AND Bottom

Carpets and air ducts work together. While your carpet is busy attracting dirt and debris, your air ducts suck up this filth and blow it around your house. But … when you clean your air ducts and your carpets at the same time, you’ll eliminate up to 65 percent of the dust and dirt that now endangers your home.

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