Air Duct Cleaning

Nasty but true … over time, your HVAC ducts clog up with debris and dust … which then blows invisibly all through your home. Bugs are up there, dead and alive. Often, rats and mice too (remember roof rats?).  Hantavirus, anyone?

HSI is meticulous in keeping the air you breathe as close to 100% clean as possible.

Licensed contractors. Specialized tools. Contact vacuuming. High-efficiency equipment that removes harmful particles and allergens to outside of your home. Way outside.

HSI scrupulously follows NADCA* standards for all air duct cleaning.

Plenty of inexperienced or unqualified operators promise cheap duct cleaning. Be cautious: they’re often more interested in money than in quality … may even endanger your family’s health with what they leave behind.

So. Picture-perfect Duct cleaning? Call HSI

Call HSI at 602-569-2100, or get a free exact price quote online

* National Air Duct Cleaners Association: the global authority on HVAC inspection

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Floor registers are a magnet for dust, dirt and every other small unpleasant thing that enters your house … then blows right back up again when the fan turns on. All your ducts need regular cleaning, but these need special care.

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