Details count. A clean look builds customer confidence. HSI pressure washing keeps sidewalks and parking lots, patios and walkways clean and eye-catching.


Pressure Washing

A bright exterior … a clean parking lot … these say “welcome” to every resident and visitor.

They’re an outside signal that the same kind of care and cleanliness exists inside.

So, they attract business.

Even if your crew brushes the outsides and hoses them down every day, your buildings still take a beating from dirt, oil, grease, dust and pollution.

Before you know it, your once-shiny frontage turns run-down and dirty. And that’s not good for business.

So here’s a simple solution:  Call HSI … get a professional pressure washing schedule in place.

Its quick and simple. It leaves you sparkling. And it’s VERY competitively priced.

You should call.

We clean and maintain all kinds of  properties, including:
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Gas Stations
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores and Storefronts
  • Shopping Centers / Strip Malls
 Our pressure washing services include:
  • Buildings and structures
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Concrete driveways, walkways, etc.
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • And more!

Call HSI at 602-569-2100 to schedule your visit.

You’ll be under no obligation at all.   

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