Air Duct Cleaning

The Air Ducts in Your Buildings

Nasty but true … over time, your HVAC ducts clog up with debris and dust. Then that stuff blows invisibly all through your premises. Bugs are also up there, dead and alive. Often, rats and mice too (remember the roof rat epidemic?).  Hantavirus, anyone?

Tenants and employees can be at risk. And who’s liable?

HSI is meticulous in keeping the air in your buildings as pure as possible.

Licensed contractors. Specialized tools. Contact vacuuming. High-efficiency equipment that ejects harmful particles and allergens outside your structures … way outside.

HSI scrupulously follows NADCA* standards for all air duct cleaning.

Too many inexperienced or unqualified operators promise cheap duct cleaning. Be cautious: they likely do a slap-dash job; may even endanger your tenants and staff with what they leave behind.

So. Picture-perfect Duct cleaning? Call HSI at 602-569-2100.

* National Air Duct Cleaners Association: the global authority on HVAC inspection

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This – and everything it hides – is what you breathe when your ventilation ducts go too long between cleanings … definitely time to call HSI.

A similar duct after the kind of deep cleaning HSI provides … clean, breathable air free of particles and allergens.

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